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Steph + Kevin: Fall Wedding at New York Country Club

Shot by Co-Founder Kristen Lopez

Home isn’t always a place, but a person. Steph and Kevin would agree that they have found theirs. It’s the kind of love that you can’t quite put words to because only pure emotion can suffice. It’s the kind of love that just keeps on giving.\newyorkcountryclubwedding\newyorkwedding\paweddingphotographer\bethlehemweddingphotographer

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Marissa + Craig: Philly Industrial Greenhouse Vibes at Terrain in Devon

DBW Founders

Love is a labor. You will grow together but also individually. Even the small mundane moments matter. Some may even say that the in between is the most important.
Marissa and Craig are up for the challenge. “Love is to join and separate. To walk alone and together.” Together they will grow into who they are meant to be.
Their love story will stand the test of time. It’s a beautiful testament to who they were and who they are.
The love within Craig’s eyes as she walked down the aisle, the slight touch on the hand during the first dance, and the final kiss of the night are the moments that will live on forever.

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