Co-Founders of Dearly Beloved Weddings, Christian and Kristen have been capturing weddings for over a decade. This extensive experience has also included attending numerous styled shoots and educational workshops. They felt the need to create something for photographers and videographers that surpasses most of the existing offerings. Each time they attended a styled shoot, they felt as though the couples were merely props, the environment was not conducive to collaboration, and the photographers were often competitive rather than cooperative. Despite leaving with impressive additions to their portfolio, they rarely felt truly inspired. 

Dearly Beloved Workshops aim to connect with the storyteller within each participant, focusing on capturing genuine emotion. The couples featured are always real couples with authentic stories, never models who have never met. Additionally, an educational component is integrated into each workshop, allowing Christian and Kristen to share their knowledge and experience with fellow creatives.

not your typical "styled shoot"

DEarly Beloved Workshops

Our Approach

how we help you tell a story and collaborate with others

Before each shoot begins, each participant is given some background information about the couple and the solo bride they are capturing. For example, you'll go into the shoot knowing how long they've been together, some of their favorite memories and even some of their quirks that might make them laugh or get emotional. This is a unique element created by Co-Founder, Kristen to encourage shooters to work together to capture real emotion and watch moments unfold in front of their cameras.

During the educational breakout session, Christian and Kristen will spend 30 minutes to teach on a topic that showcases their experience and expertise in thinking outside of the box as a creative entrepreneur.

relationships matter, authentic, real emotions, collaborative and fun...

I am not a fan of styled shoots. It’s usually just a competitive atmosphere with little to no collaboration amongst the photographers. I went to one styled shoot years ago and have since sworn them off… that is until Kristen and Christian planned one for the team. I knew they would prioritize creating an atmosphere that is healthy, fun, and collaborative and that is exactly what they did! Cherry on top was that the whole day was styled so beautifully but wasn’t so styled or too over the top that it would feel unattainable to other brides and grooms. I had so so much fun at their styled shoot and cannot wait or the next one!

DBW styled shoot was beyond amazing, but what made it more unique and complex was the educational part from Kristen and Christian! Having their constant support and guidance gave me confidence to let the art, the moment, and the models be the absolute inspiration. I was very delighted and excited to have met the other team members and see how talented they are but most importantly getting to know their wonderful and unique personalities! This Styled shoot exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to apply what I learned with my DBW couples.

I had such an amazing time at the workshop!! I got to meet some team members I haven't met before and get creative and really brainstorm together. It was so much fun to bounce off of each other and encourage one another. It really inspired me for the wedding season! It's hard to choose a favorite part but I think getting to know the team and see our different styles come together was the best part! The models were lovely and let us get creative!

This was my first styled photoshoot & my first event with the DBW crew! I had such an amazing experience from meeting the other extremely talented photographers/team members to being able to get out of my comfort zone. As a young professional, it can be difficult for me to push myself to branch out but after 1 event with DBW, I can already feel myself growing as a photographer!

it all started with our team and teaching them to work together

what past attendees are saying...

C + K have 10+ years of experience photographing & filming weddings. you'll definitely walk away having learned something to apply to your business and creative approach.

Shooting combined with education at every workshop...

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We're always looking for couples and solo brides to model for our workshops. Since we're all about real emotion... the main requirement is that you must be comfortable with us getting to know you a bit. So click the button below and submit your love story for a chance to be chosen for one of our future workshops.

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