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Caitlin + Jager: Edgy Boho Wedding at Promise Ridge


Documenting Caitlin and Jager’s unique wedding at Promise Ridge, a Pocono wedding venue, on a rainy day was a truly extraordinary experience. The couple’s edgy vibe, accentuated by Caitlin’s boho dress and a seamless embrace of the rain, made for captivating shots that highlight their fearless love story. Caitlin’s outfit change into a dazzling sparkly suit added an extra layer of epic flair to the day. As a Pocono wedding photographer, we skillfully navigated the rainy conditions, using direct flash techniques to capture every moment with precision and artistry. The result? Authentic, joyful shots that not only showcase the couple’s distinctive style but also exemplify the genuine connection shared by friends and family. Caitlin and Jager’s wedding stands as a testament to embracing the unexpected, a celebration of love, style, and unforgettable moments in the picturesque Pocono Mountains.

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Mackenzie + Ed: A Perfect Rainy Wedding at Terrain in Devon


From high school sweethearts to life partners, Mackenzie and Ed’s relationship matured alongside them. The 10th-grade meeting led to stolen glances, shared dreams, and a bond that would withstand the tests of adulthood. As they exchanged vows on their wedding day, raindrops played witness to their unwavering commitment.

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