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Mackenzie + Ed: A Perfect Rainy Wedding at Terrain in Devon


From high school sweethearts to life partners, Mackenzie and Ed’s relationship matured alongside them. The 10th-grade meeting led to stolen glances, shared dreams, and a bond that would withstand the tests of adulthood. As they exchanged vows on their wedding day, raindrops played witness to their unwavering commitment.

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Dave + Christine: Adventurous Outdoors Alaska Elopement

DBW Founders

Where to begin with the most incredible elopement experience we’ve ever been a part of?! Dave and Christine are that couple you feel like only exists on Instagram. They are beautiful inside and out, they love to travel and have been to countless countries together, conquering mountains and sand dunes alike. Their adventurous spirits are exactly what lead them to choosing to have an elopement in Alaska. Although, the funny thing is, they didn’t always want to go that route when it came to their wedding day.

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