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The DBW podcast

Their goal is to help you in your relationships, personal growth and even planning your wedding day by sharing real life experiences and tips. Featuring guests speakers including members from the DBW team, professional counselors, wedding experts, entrepreneurs, etc.

Christian and Kristen Lopez of Dearly Beloved Weddings, have conversations about marriage, wedding planning, business and more! 

A wedding and lifestyle podcast for engaged and married couples, and creative entrepreneurs looking for encouragement to pursue their goals and a healthy marriage.


Wow! That podcast was everything! I really needed to hear what you guys talked about. I've been struggling with anxiety and stress because of the wedding and Covid. But you're right, we can't control everything that happens in our life. Remembering to be grateful is key. You guys rock!


Listened to Episode 002 of the podcast today! So happy you guys are stressing that there is no right or wrong way to get married! I love how you encourage couples to upgrade to personalized versions of traditional wedding things. We love to see you guys still making other families and couples so happy! 

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We thought, let's create The Dearly Beloved Community, a community of couples we've worked with and join them together with other couples that share the same goal; to stay married and be happy. We hope that through listening to our podcast, engaging in this community and of course watching your wedding video 100 times, you'll find encouragement, strength and joy.