Elopements + Micro-Weddings

sometimes a memory is found in a place surrounded by just a few that mean the most.

Whether you plan on eloping in the mountains of Iceland, renewing your vows across the country in California, or throwing a small wedding celebration in Moab, we want to be there. Eloping or having a small wedding is just as special as a "big" day.

Check out some of our featured travels below & learn more about small micro-weddings.

This pandemic has brought a new meaning to wedding days for us and for a lot of couples. In 2020 we photographed and filmed more elopements than we ever have before… and we are not complaining about it one bit. There is just something that is so much more impactful and meaningful about elopements. It’s […]

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Looking to elope on the East Coast? We’ve compiled a list of epic adventure elopement locations from all around the East Coast of the United States. When many people think of an epic elopement they right away imagine somewhere other than the East Coast right? Truthfully my mind goes to California, Arizona or somewhere in the Pacific North West. However, don’t underestimate the gorgeous backdrops that the East Coast has to offer for elopements. Here is a list of incredible places to elope on the East Coast.

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Photos by Kristen Lopez • Video by Christian Lopez Featured in the January 2021 issue of Lehigh Valley Style Magazine Where to start with this couple and their journey… I’m sure you all can imagine that 2020 has been a hectic year for all the couples that had hopes of having their big dream wedding. […]

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because you're doing things your way.

At the end of the day, getting married is really all about you two coming together. When you get married, whether it’s just the two of you eloping or a small wedding in your backyard with a few special family members & friends… it strips away all of the “ extra stuff” of a traditional big wedding. Elopements & intimate ceremonies allow for a more meaningful, authentic wedding day that’s a true reflection of your relationship—where the focus of the day is really just your love.

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Why we feel a small wedding or elopement ceremony is just as special...

Only for weddings with a guest count of 25 or less.

The "Big" wedding might not be for you... and that's okay.

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Our dream destinations...

If you’re planning on having a small wedding or eloping in any of these locations (or any other amazingly beautiful destinations), we’ll photograph and film your wedding at a discounted rate.

Yosemite Valley

Joshua Tree

Imperial Sand Dunes




Isle of Skye, Scotland

New Zealand



Tuscany, Italy

Santorini, Greece


Vitaly + Natalie were such an amazing couple to work with. They traveled from Germany to Iceland to elope in this incredible country. We had the opportunity to photograph and film the day from start to finish. It was an unforgettable experience. We’re so excited to share everything very soon! Can’t wait for our next destination.



Our best friends Brianna and Zachary got married! When they asked us back around Christmas we obviously couldn’t say no. It was a total secret and only a few family members knew.



Jollette and I had the opportunity to travel to Page, Arizona to attend the Adventurers Workshop. We drove through Phoenix, a land covered in giant cacti, then Flagstaff, where it was snowing, and then finally we arrived in Page.


Some places we've already  traveled to...

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